Portfolio Preparation Course for University

If you are a student who wants to pursue art related majors in higher education, the portfolio preparation course is just right for you.

Preparing a portfolio on your own? or…Find a professional institution to help you.

No matter what art major and art school you are applying to, Aureole Studios has the course planned just for you. 

We provide both online and offline courses, and have a complete, fully designed course material and teaching method. No matter where you are, what kind of art you are interested in,  you can receive our most professional lessons from the most professional teachers. 

What is the difference?


Through the years of helping students with their applications, we know exactly what every art school wants to see from you and how to make your portfolio standout from the rest of the applicants.

What is the difference?


The art courses from your high school are very general; they CANNOT provide you the knowledge for a specific program you are applying to. Aureole Studios will assign a tutor in that specific profession or even an alumni from that program to help you prepare your portfolio.

What is the difference?


Instead of being alone in your room with no one to share your interest with, Aureole studios will help you to meet with other peers with the same interests and goals. And have the chance to know the professors from your dream school in advance. You will receive valuable advice and long lasting friendship that will shape your future.


What is special about this course?

Pre-University Course

After completing your portfolio for the university application, Aureole Studios will then offer a pre-university course for you to better enhance your skills and learn the professional knowledge beforehand. A lot of art related programs can be very challenging and competitive. Having a chance to learn the program’s course before enrolling can be a major help and it will definitely lighten your pressure.

Tailored Learning Plan

Every student is very important to Aureole Studios. We will tailor a weekly study plan for you according to your chosen major, time range, and art background. We will also design a list of work you need to prepare and arrange the most suitable teacher for you. At the same time, Aureole Studios team will discuss your progress and situation regularly and provide timely feedback in order for you to meet the portfolio requirements of the application.

Small Group Classes

All portfolio preparation courses are taught in small 3-5 people classes. Let you enjoy the VIP experience. The scientific and systematic learning method makes your every class full of quality and passion. Not only can you enjoy the lesson and learn from other peers, but you can also increase your motivation to your future study and work.

Outdoor Sketching Activities

Aureole Studios will host an one day outdoor sketching trip annually for students to participate and we take students to draw and paint in different places each year such as Toronto Zoo, Muskoka lake, AGO, Royal Ontario Museum and many more interesting and fun places. It’s a way for students to unite as a community and learn from real life observations.

Comprehensive Application Counseling

During the application process, we will escort you and provide information on volunteer activities to make your application more competitive. We also have professional advisors to help you to choose your field of major, submit your application, provide help with your IELTS test, interview, application to scholarship, personal statement and much more.

Life Drawing Sessions

Aureole Studios also host life drawing sessions each week for students to have the opportunity to draw from real models. We invite models in to provide different topics and scenes from nude figures, clothed figures to role playing figures; making the life drawing session fun and interesting. Students will be able to fully understand anatomy while enjoying every second of the learning process.

Professor Lecture Session

Portfolio preparation course students will also have the opportunity to meet with University professors from different art schools and receive valuable critiques and advice from them to further enhance your portfolio and your own artistic skills in order to present a high standard portfolio for the school to assess . This is a way to increase your chances of being accepted to your dream school and have the professors get to know you beforehand.


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