Art Fundamental

The four subjects included in the Fundamental (Pre-Portfolio) Courses are targeted for all students that are applying for art programs before they start preparing for their specific portfolios, these are required for all students so they have an established skillset.

The goal of this course is to improve students’ ability in all areas: from painting, sketching, technical drawing to idea development; which are all immensely beneficial for a strong personal portfolio. After students have completed both level 1 and level 2 of Fundamental classes, they will obtain sufficient ability and understand the basis of how to complete a personal piece from start to finish. As result, they are ready to take on the portfolio preparation stage.

Class Format

This course contains 4 subjects: Representation Drawing, Super Paint Slat, Perspective and Viewpoint and Rock Your World

Onsite classes will be conducted in Markham Studio Location 

Online classes will be conducted on the Discord App(available both PC, Mac and mobile devices)

1. Representational Drawing

Students will be focusing on training your skills in how to accurately draw anything both from life observation and imitating from reference. Students will understand how to observe and analyze references. Students will also learn how to represent visuals on paper by using a variety of lines and drawing textures.

2. Super Paint Slay

Provide students with an introduction to advanced painting and will be given lectures on the principle of colours, including colour theory, colour mixing and brush techniques. You will be guided to basic understanding and control over different painting mediums. The work and exercise consist of breaking down different aspects of paintings, further training them with proper steps on how wet medium paintings are conducted. 

3. Perspective and Viewpoint

Students will learn the basics of linear perspective, all the way from one point to three point perspective. Students will also start to experiment with how to apply their perspective into a practical setting, in scenes with both room exterior and interior, adding and modifying structures and furnitures.

4. Rock Your World

You will learn the basic of design theory, composition and how to dabble into the basics of illustration on how to build a compelling image from beginning to end.  Guidance and assistance are given in the direction of your work, as well as combine your imagination and techniques learnt into your own creative voice. 


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