Career Training

If you are currently studying in college or already graduated looking to get your career started, Aureole Studios offers the best services to help you achieve your goal. The first job is always the hardest to find, since you have little to zero working experience. Therefore, developing your personal portfolio, personal website and social media platform is the first step you should do to be recognized in the industry. Aureole Studios offers fully designed courses to help you establish your profile early so you can find success in the industry.


Fully Designed Courses

Career Training Courses are for those who are having trouble or want to to get a job and have their career started in the industry. This course contains three major sections to help you achieve your career goals: Portfolio Development – All artworks and projects to showcase your professional ability, Profile Development – Personal Website, resume, cover letter and social media platform building, Interview Assistance – Instructions and practice on Interviewing with future employers.

Experienced Professional Instructors

We encourage all our Aureole instructors to continue working in the industry so they can further develop their personal skills and working experience. No matter what type of art/design related fields you are pursuing, we will assign you with our most professional instructors that suit you and your field the best. They will carefully listen to your needs and provide the best instruction and solution to your problem from their own personal experience. You will be led by them straight into the industry to get your career started avoiding all the potential problems and  obstacles along the way. 

Referral Service

Aureole Studios has established strong relationships with different companies in the industry. Referrals can be very important in some cases and it will help you to get your resume across straight to the man in charge. Aureole Studios has been working closely with numbers of companies and employers such as Gameloft, Tencent, NetEase, Sony, Google, Ubisoft etc to recommend, and train potential employees like you to make you qualify to reach that career goal of yours.


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