Drawing at the zoo

Aureole Studios hosts the zoo trip every year between September to October to provide the students with the opportunity to draw from real life. 

Open to youth ages 15+

Open to youth ages 15+

Meet at Toronto Zoo

Learn to draw from observation, practice drawing techniques, and enjoy a day out at the Toronto Zoo in this half day ongoing workshop. Drawing from Observation, or Drawing from Life, is very simply drawing what you see and is an excellent exercise for developing your artistic skills. We will cover a variety of exercises and techniques while sketching the plants, animals, and scenery of the Toronto Zoo.

Such as Mixed-Media Hardcover Sketchbook • Variety of Drawing Materials (Pencils, Charcoal, Pens, Colored Pencils, Chalk Pastel, Artist Markers, etc.) • Pencil Sharpener/Eraser • Optional: Smartphone/Camera, Seat/Mat

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