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High School Art Programs can shape children’s artistic talents early. High schools with art programs provide more art related curriculums for students to choose and learn from. They will have the opportunity to learn different fields of art before entering University and it will definitely be a boost factor for their portfolio as well. If your child loves drawing and painting and wants to get into high school art programs, this is the course that will help them to achieve this goal.


Professional Instructors

Aureole Instructors are professional artists with all kinds of artistic backgrounds. They are highly achieved in their own fields. Many of them have worked in Netflix, Disney and many other influential companies alike. They are also very experienced in teaching; they are energetic and provide interesting lessons for students to learn and have fun at the same time.

Focus On the Goal

Aureole Studios has a professional instructor team and are fully dedicated to design and provide the best course lectures for the students. With high school art program portfolio prep, we focus on helping the students to develop a strong portfolio to achieve the standard of any High school art programs. We are experienced and know exactly what the schools are looking for from the candidates. This will give your child the best chances to be accepted into competitive programs like this.

Stylish and Creative Work

The Instructor team here at Aureole Studios will create different course plans for different students according to their artistic skills, background, applying schools and much more. We will develop a plan that will ensure the quality and quantity of their work. Meanwhile preparing them for the school’s final interview, making them standout from the rest of the applicants.

High school Art Programs List

Arts Unionville

The Arts Unionville program is held at Unionville High School. This specialized arts program is available to students residing in CEC East for Visual Arts: At each grade level students can expect to work with guest artists, attend exhibitions and exhibit their work at venues such as the Markham Theatre, UHS, other schools and many community locations. Field trips outside of Canada are scheduled periodically. The Arts faculty includes the staff, many of whom are specialists in their field, and guest artists, both working professionals and university arts students. The Arts Unionville program services the needs of artistically talented students, some of whom are exploring the possibility of a career in the Arts while others simply enjoy the arts and want to develop their skills.

Claude Watson

Earl Haig Secondary School opened its doors to the Claude Watson Arts Program in 1982. This program is designed to serve students possessing special talents with specialized learning opportunities. Though a challenging arts and academic program, our students develop their creative and academic potential to the fullest. Students in the Visual Arts program are introduced to a variety of visual experiences and art forms including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, printmaking, technology and conceptual art. Students work from technical foundations through to the representational, expressive and conceptual forms of art making. The opportunity to curate and exhibit their work and to work with a variety of guest artists renowned in their field is an ongoing experience for students at all grade levels.

Arts Mackenzie

Grade 8 and grade 9 students may apply to study Arts Mackenzie disciplines: Each year students accepted into the program will study in their focus area for two of their eight courses. In addition to the year-long enriched arts curriculum, students work with guest artists, attend field trips, engage in cross-curricular activities and participate in practice, rehearsals and studio work outside of class time. Arts Mackenzie has a strong emphasis on transferable skills that encourage students to become independent, successful high achievers in any field. Arts Mackenzie offers a pre-professional program that builds a foundation of success for all post-secondary pathways.


Portfolio Requirements

    • Self-Portrait
    • Still Life
    • Sculpture (3D work)
    • Sketchbook
    • Maximum of 3 other works (Optional)
    • Written Description of Works 

Workshop Sessions

Drawing tasks will include:

    • Gesture/Contour Figure Drawing
    • Figure Proportion Studies
    • Shading Exercises
    • Creative Problem Solving Exercises

Online Registration Opens: November

Registration Deadline:  December 

E-portfolio information release: December

E-portfolio submission deadline: January


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