Digital Painting on iPad

Digital art has become an important element in industry and art education. Whether it’s traditional painting or arts and crafts, digital technology has undergone significant revolution to varying degrees. This course will take students to learn the IPAD’s drawing function software Procreate from scratch; through the most professional and interesting way to create art.1


If you are troubled by the following problems, this course will help you to overcome your problems

I want to learn digital painting, how do I start?
My friends are so cool to draw on their Ipad, I don’t know how to do it at all!
Drawing on paper is so boring, does it have anything to do with me learning digital painting?
Is there a threshold for painting on Ipad? Is it necessary to have a foundation in art?
I have been studying on the Internet all the time, and I always feel like I'm missing something.
It's so convenient to fill in colors like this!
What tools did you use, how come the effect is different?
What is the layer tool, it seems very convenient?
I am not interested in traditional painting at all, I just want to paint what I am interested in.
Doesn't digital painting help the basic foundations? It seems easy?
If you don't understand the software, how long does it take to master it?

Classes are hosted all year round

Weekly Schedule:

Thursdays: 11:00am1:00am(EST)  Fridays: 11:00am1:00am(EST)

Platform: Students will using DISCORD Aureole Studios Chanel to join our course

Requirement:Please prepare the Pad/ iPad

Course Content

This course will introduce the basic software tools and how to apply them in different drawings.

For example, Lays, Brushes, Paint Bucket, Line Tool, and beginner’s workflow in Procreate. 

    • How to work with Procreate
    • The basic tool of Procreate  
    • Methods & Skills

Demo and Creative Drawing

Course Content: Learning to draw human with basic facial feature systematically. Lessons will covering colour selection, linework, and Basic tool in Procreate. The DEMO will introduce the workflow of a real artist. It will smooth the learning curve of Procreate.

    • Color palette selection and line work
    • Color Layer and feature colouring 
    • Gradient tool and Background colouring

Stylish and Creative Work

Course Content:Applying some advanced techniques and skills of Procreate into various style drawing for better result and experience. Student will benefit from linewrok,  comic, lineless art and, symmetric tool to improving their art work. Time to try different style with Procreate.

    • Manga Comic in Procreate 
    • Flat design & Shape Language 
    • Doodle & Sketchbook

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