Students gain knowledge in all aspects of filmmaking. To learn how to bring ideas from script to screen, film majors collaborate both individually and in teams with their peers. To understand the functions of sound, lighting, editing, and other parts of producing a film, they go through a rigorous and practical curriculum.

A comprehensive programme that encompasses everything linked to the art of moving images, film studies is a subfield of media studies. A curriculum in film studies will examine how the world of film extends beyond the walls of your neighbourhood cinema, including cinema, television, video art, social media, and commercials.

Common modules for film studies include

    • Production skills
    • Concepts and history
    • Scriptwriting
    • Research methods
    • Film curation
    • Film, literature and adaptation
    • Contemporary cinema
    • Film history 
    • Film genres
    • Film and culture
    • World cinema 
    • Documentary

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