Interior Design

A job in interior design involves creating spaces, as the name suggests. It is the skill of turning plain spaces into ones that are useful and entertaining. Not only do residences fall under the category of interior design, but also establishments like hotels, restaurants, workplaces, schools, malls, etc. A professional interior design school offers a wealth of information, training, and experience. You can pursue a career in interior design, with a professional interior design degree 

Form, space planning, and ergonomics classes will be part of the technical training, which will use advanced computer-aided drafting software like AutoCAD. These will show you the essentials of creating layouts, presentations, and drawings that you may give to clients.

      • Principles of Interior Design
      • History of the Built Environment
      • Color Theory & Application
      • Materials & Applications
      • Drawing & Composition
      • Perspective & Rendering
      • Interior Lighting
      • Computer-Aided Design
      • Sustainable Building Design
      • Business Practices
      • Building Codes & Standards

Even if you have a foundational understanding of interior design, a career in the field calls for both creative and technical skills. Only a course in interior design can make this possible. You must conduct research on the following as a student of this topic:

    • Top interior designing institutes in India
    • Location
    • Course curriculum
    • Faculty & Mentors
    • Infrastructure

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