Jewelry Design

Drafting, shading, design theory, how to depict shape and form using various media, and other skills will be covered. You will have a hand-crafted portfolio of your work as well as a digital copy to show potential employers and clients when you finish this Jewelry Design course.

Learning from a reputable jewellery design institute is crucial for developing a profession as a jewellery design student. Combining academic knowledge with practical experience helps students. In the long run, it pays off greatly because it provides one the self-assurance needed to succeed in a full-fledged career.

To become a Jewellery Designer, you need

    • good hand skills
    • patience
    • an eye for detail
    • creative and artistic skills
    • the ability to change ideas into a three-dimensional design
    • to keep up to date with changes in jewellery/silver design and fashions
    • good organisation and planning skills
    • knowledge of design-related software

Portfolio design is a special subject given to students in jewellery design classes at institutions like Hamstech. The best work of a student is showcased in a portfolio in a cohesive and original way. As a result, when a jeweller engages with customers, the portfolio is relevant.


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