Game Design

Students studying games design acquire the skills necessary to create, convey, and record their design concepts and transform them into final games. You can use your game design expertise to solve a variety of design problems both in the games business and in other fields where it is desirable.

The work of a games designer typically involves

    • Coming up with new and appealing game ideas
    • Developing gameplay ideas
    • Experimenting with themes and genres
    • Developing plots and storylines
    • Developing characters
    • Developing maps, scenarios, and levels of difficulty
    • Coming up with ways of winning and losing the game
    • Developing user interface (menus and controls) concepts
    • Improving existing games

University graduates can pursue careers in video game production, and school dropouts may be eligible for other positions in similar industries.

Graduates often require a degree in animation, graphic design, or computer game design. In this highly competitive profession, work experience and a portfolio of your work will be crucial early on in your career.

A bachelor’s degree is typically required for video game designers. Additionally, some firms favour certificates in UX design or C# programming. Similar to other tech-related industries, education can occasionally take the place of experience.


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