Fashion Design

The majority of fashion designers have a bachelor’s degree in art or design. Students that enrol in a fashion design degree study textiles, fashion theory, and colour theory. Additionally, they gain knowledge about how to develop styles with CAD software.

They are creative individuals who develop fashion concepts and designs and are frequently in charge of starting fashion trends. As a fashion designer, your duties will include not just starting a project but also working nonstop to see it through to completion. Given their successful careers and respectable incomes, successful fashion designers can have comfortable lives.

A fashion designer is a talented individual who adds aesthetic, design and natural beauty to clothes and shoes. A fashion designer can work in the following fields

      • Sports: designing jerseys, tracksuits and sports shoes

      • Footwear: designing luxury shoes

      • Clothing: designing high-end clothes

Interpersonal skills

Fashion designers need to know how to communicate with different professions under varied scenarios. A fashion designer must be able to complete their own work autonomously and collaborate with others, such as by accepting client requests for fashion designs.

Excellent sewing skills

A great fashion designer should know how to sew in the following styles:

    • Slip stitch
    • Basting stitch
    • Catch stitch
    • Running stitch
    • Blanket stitch
    • ZigZag stitch

The sewing style for each design depends on the fabric and the desired aesthetic. As a fashion designer, you should be comfortable using a sewing machine or sewing by hand.

Visualisation and sketching skills

Ideas for a fashion designer usually start out as thoughts. A talented fashion designer ought to be able to aid others in seeing their ideas through. One method of communicating thoughts and concepts to others is by creating comprehensive sketches that include precise measurements, angles, and curves.

Art skills

Fashion designers often create samples of the products they intend to make. They may use art skills such as painting, combining different colours, sketching and drawing to make these samples. A fashion designer should understand how to balance the colours, fabrics and patterns within their design.

Communication skills

Designers of clothing should be able to explain their goals, concepts, and developments to others. To make an idea come to life, numerous people collaborate on every single production. Every project works smoothly and is completed because of effective communication.

Business skills

Having fundamental business abilities, such as marketing, planning, budgeting, and people management, is necessary to work in the fashion sector. Since fashion designers frequently work for themselves, it’s critical that they have business management skills. 


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