Through studio lessons and critiques, illustration students hone their artistic abilities. Additionally, they work on practical, client-focused projects where they put their visual storytelling techniques to use in both traditional and digital illustration.

A word, concept, or process may be illustrated as decoration, interpretation, or a visual explanation for publication in a variety of media. In all formats where visual meaning and storytelling use visuals to portray a narrative, illustration plays a crucial part. Illustrators are skilled artists with a multitude of drawing tools at their disposal, including digital image creation, especially in today’s hyper-digital era. Any prospective illustrator must be able to create images using the greatest technologies available.

      • Design, lay out, and prepare a variety of artwork.
      • Advises and provides guidance and training to other illustrators, management, and customers.
      • Creates original artwork utilizing computer graphics software.
      • Researches and recommends equipment, materials, and software to meet current and future production needs.
      • Produces and assists in producing materials that support the commander’s public affairs goals.

Career Opportunities

Graduates have a wide range of employment options, notably in the field of creative arts and design. Publishers, graphic design, web design, and animation firms are among employers in addition to advertising and marketing organisations.

The majority of illustrators work for themselves and produce original content depending on customer demands. Paid job openings are seldom ever posted.


Advertising agencies, design consultancies, publishers, print (newspapers and magazines), and event management firms are examples of potential clientele. You might also work as a freelance illustrator on the following tasks:

    • film posters
    • billboards
    • greetings cards
    • packaging
    • fine art posters
    • animated commercials, television shows, short films or government information services (including health and education materials).

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