Top 5 animation Schools & Colleges in Canada

Animation Schools & Colleges in Canada Canada remains probably the best country with advanced institutions to become a computer animation expert. With its flourishing and booming film and media industry, many renowned and super-advanced institutions operating in Canada offer degrees and diplomas in animations, films, and media. 


So if you are looking to get the best education and study animation as your major and learn the expertise, there’s no better option for you than to select the best animation schools & colleges in Canada that offer basic to advanced degrees and certificates in animation programs. 


The film and media industry is tasteless without animations included in their projects today, and so the animation is considered a progressive art. When every business is shifting to the digital world, and mass and internet media is growing, the steady demand for top-notch animators is also increasing as animators are the backbone of Media Screen. So you can adopt animation as your career as it has a very bright future.


Know about the top 5 animation schools & colleges in Canada …

01. Sheridan College

Sheridan College, established in 1967, stands as one of the top animation schools in Canada. It’s one of Canada’s premier polytechnic institutes and one of Ontario’s leading postsecondary institutions. It’s famous as “Harvard of Animation.” 


Sheridan College’s Faculty of Animation, Arts, and Design (FAAD) is a novel exhaustive animation school in Canada. The college offers almost 37 programs to produce animators, filmmakers, movie producers, designers, and artists. So if you’re an enthusiast and looking to grab an animation degree in Canada, Sheridan College is the best option. Sheridan College offers an Honors Bachelor of Animation with an outstanding track record and produces several Academy Award Winning Animators every year. 


This program takes you on a blissful and testing ride where you’ll gain from industry experts who utilize an active way of preparing and permits you artistic liberty. You’ll also gain proficiency with the traditional animation standards in a few structures, including 2D and 3D. A delightful aspect concerning this program is that you get an opportunity to learn in the business through a three-month work or internship position. At the school’s Annual Industry Day, students have sessions with employers from across North America. After gaining professional experience meeting different organizations, televisions, and studios where they do jobs of feature animations, the students graduated from this college.

02. OCAD University

Ontario College of Art & Design University, commonly famous with its name as OCAD University, is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It’s a public university of art and design to educate the students about animations. The main campus is located within the Grange Park neighborhood and adjacent to the Art Gallery of Ontario.


Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U) is on the rundown since you can’t discuss an Arts degree in Canada without referencing OCAD University, the biggest and most comprehensive art, design, and media university in Canada. Nonetheless, OCAD offers only one Bachelor of Arts program in animation. Yet, being that it is an exhaustive, 4-year degree program. Furthermore, OCAD college positions as one of the best clinical schools in Canada. 


OCAD University’s Digital Painting and Expanded Animation (Drawing and Painting) program has a four-year span. In this program, you’ll take the center Drawing and Painting classes yet additionally explore different avenues regarding stop movement methods, 3D activity, and 2D enhanced visualizations for animations & painting. At the end of your journey in OCAD’s Animation program, you’ll graduate with a  BFA degree – Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. The program’s magnificence is that you arise as more adaptable alumni who can work in Artistic practice; Animation; Mural Work; Film, video, and TV Production.

03. Seneca COLLEGE Toronto, Ontario

Seneca College, located in Toronto, Ontario, opened its doors of education back in 1976, and currently, it’s the home of education for more than 30k students annually. These students are from different locations of the world. Seneca College is one where you can change your enthusiasm over to call. Its Arts, Animation, and Designs programs are truly outstanding in Canada. Its movement programs incorporate 3D Animation, Animation, Game Art and Animation, and Visual Effects for Film and Television. There is only no chance you will not appreciate contemplating activity in Seneca with its experiential learning and drawing in educational programs. 


Seneca’s 3D Animation program is a declaration program that will build up your abilities in movement, demonstrating, fixing, lighting, delivering, and organization. Its Animation program is a three-year progressed certificate program. Seneca’s Game Art and Animation Program is an eight-month graduate authentication program, just like its Visual Effects for Film and Television. Giving every one of these movement assortments, Seneca College makes our rundown of Canada’s best activity schools. The school offers more than 300 programs leading to a degree, diploma, or certificate. 


Furthermore, it offers various animation programs, including 3D Animation Graduate Certificates, Game Art & Animation, Visual Effects for Film & Television, and an Advanced Diploma in Animation. Graduating from school, students are skillful in drawing storyboards, creating designs & animations, characters & scenes, and practice applying theories of motion, timing, storytelling, and digital technology to produce high-quality animations and designs. With the proper utilization of equipment, facilities, and computer software, the college enables the students to produce animations for the web, television, games, or film.

04. Vancouver film school

Vancouver Film School (VFS) is another renowned and top animation school in Canada that started offering degrees back in 1987. Initially, 12 students were enrolled, and now this entertainment and art school with eight campuses enrolls 1000 students annually. The Vancouver film school is equipped with advanced software, computers, and animation tools that make students learn practically. Furthermore, the school’s faculty is highly professional and supportive. The Students of Vancouver Film School (VFS) get benefits from career guides, industry mentors, instructors, and guest speakers. Also, partners of corporate leaders such as Adobe, Autodesk, Final Draft, HP, and Pixologic do pay visits to the school for coaching.


Vancouver Film School (VFS) is another top-ranked and renowned art and animation school in Canada that sets you up for an exciting life career in animations, actings, film and TV creation, screenwriting, programming, mass media makeup, sound, and game designing. The school’s projects to construct you to turn out to be any of these are post-auxiliary projects that convey the most current and on-request methods. The intriguing thing about VFS is that they offer different courses, degrees, and certificates in animations, making you a virtuoso in a specific angle. You can pick between its 3D Animation & Visual Effects, Classical Animation, and Animation Concept Art; it’s all up to your priorities and choice. 


VFS 3D Animation and Visual Effect is a one-year diploma program for training the students on enhanced visualizations, effects, modeling, and displaying. Furthermore, the Classical animation program is another one-year recognition program that makes the students experts in the essentials of animations, drawing, TV production, visuals, and fundamental craftsmanship. VFS Animation Concept Art – a one-year diploma certificate program. However, this program’s core benefit is that it educates and makes the students create characters and worlds for animation.

05. Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Emily Carr University of Art and Design is one of the best animation schools in Canada on our rundown with its two-degree programs on animation. This Canadian college entirely endeavors to offer higher-level degrees with four faculties giving leading art, design, media degree programs, certificates, continuing education courses, graduate studies, and research opportunities. 


In any case, on animation, Emily Carr offers the 2D + Experimental Animation Major and the 3D Computer Animation Major. These two projects are 4-year programs that furnish graduates with a Bachelor of Media Arts. The 2D + Experimental Animation Major accepts different animation media and crafting practices. Understudies create imaginative animations, characters, architects, and basic masterminds. They investigate types of accounts narrating through old-style liveliness in both conventional and computerized drawing techniques. Emily Carr’s 3D Computer Animation Major, then again, rejuvenates movement. 


The program offers understudies involved activity creation experience that will set them up for life after school, regardless of whether as business artists or autonomous or independent filmmakers and producers. Emily Carr can likewise recount the terrific accomplishments of its alumni. The award-winning animations such as “Late Night” and the CGI Animated Short Film, “Fortunate” were created by Emily Carr researchers and scholars.

In a Nutshell

So what are you thinking about? All the institutions mentioned above belong to the top animation schools & colleges in Canada and the entire world. Therefore you can get admission to any of the mentioned schools & colleges. All these institutions with outstanding educational structures hone their students’ art and animation skills to produce animation, art, filmography, TV, and studio experts. 

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