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Aureole Studios Children’s Art is committed to provide professional, and multi-art-form courses for children who love art. Through the study of professional painting and exposure to various art media, students’ creativity, imagination and practical ability are stimulated. Breaking “art is not a single form”, thereby improving the aesthetics of students and the level of professional painting.

Children’s general art class

From JK to 12 years old is the golden age for children to learn art. During this time, the children’s hands-on, imagination and understanding ability are all in a stage of rapid development. According to the children’s understanding and practical ability, we divide the course into four stages, and provide tailor-made small class quality courses for children to find the most suitable course for them. Our curriculum is multi-faceted and multi-media, covering acrylic, paper-cutting, watercolor, oil pastel, clay art, printmaking and other rich media, allowing children to play while learning.

Children's special course

This is a course specially designed for children who are 8+ and above to enhance their artistic skills. The course content includes basic sketching, introduction to watercolor, digital painting, basics of animation, introduction to acrylic etc. Students can choose courses to learn according to the direction they are interested in.

Course duration: 120mins

Course Type and Duration

As children gradually expand their exploration of the world, they begin to consciously express their thoughts through art. This stage is very suitable for cultivating children’s interest in art, and focusing on enhancing their confidence and patience. Teachers will also incorporate stories and games into the curriculum, allowing children to enjoy painting in an immersive atmosphere and improve their perception of color.

Children aged 6 to 8 have better control over lines and basic shapes. They burst out with fantastic ideas and are accompanied by a strong desire to create. Children at this age have strong subjective expression, so guiding children to express their ideas on paper through the language of painting through shapes, colors, structures, and simple positional relationships is the focus of teaching at this age.

Students aged 8 to 10 are in the budding stage of rationality, and it is also a period of rapid development in their paintings. They began to notice the proportions between objects, the grasp of the structure, and gradually had the ability to think abstractly. Therefore, the focus of teaching at this stage is to encourage students to use different media to conduct diversified experiments and creations.

Students from 10 to 12 years old have begun to use abstract thinking to develop a critical sense of art. We focus on paying more attention to color, light, shadow, perspective and space; In addition to pursuing the accuracy of colors and shapes, teachers are also particularly important to guide students’ inner expressions.

Adult art class

Painting can be a part of life. It is not only a way for expressing emotions, but also a tool for communicating with people. I hope this course can bring happiness to everyone who is interested in art, and let your busy life have a moment of peace.


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