Top 5 Film-making schools in Canada


Top 5 Film-making schools in Canada

The film industry is one of the most diverse and colorful industries in the world. With the constant demand and creation of all different kinds of films and shows, there is hardly a period when it experiences a bad time. Many would think that the pandemic did hit the breaks into the movie productions and the results would be huge losses. Whether that might be accurate to a certain point, the film industry is particularly the one that made the fastest comeback, with the highest earnings possible. Apart from the Hollywood film-making industry, one other very popular and acknowledged is the Canadian film industry. 

Canada’s film industry, television and everything connected to it have proved to deal with the consequences of the global pandemic in the way that no other film industry could and would. It is constantly growing and thriving, delivering high-quality and award-winning talents which makes Canada just the perfect place and choice for all those looking to build a career in the film industry. 

So what makes the film industry so colorful and interesting to pursue a career in it, and especially the Canadian film industry? Directing, camera operation, script-writing, cinematography, production are just some of the jobs that can create a fruitful career in the film-making industry. As such, they require a film-making degree and education. Not every school has the right courses that direct the students towards film-making. There is certainly more than just books and classrooms. Canada here has the best film-making schools that prep and teach for everything you need to know and have for this rewarding career. Its film-making schools offer class discussions, interaction with mentors and sponsors, all of which would come extremely handy in the real world. 

So, all of you who have the opportunity to study the film-making industry in Canada, these are the top 5 film-makings schools that you need to take into consideration. They are the perfect base and ground for building your film-making career. 

1. Sheridan College BTFV program

The first on the list of best film schools in Canada is Sheridan College. It is located west of Toronto, and what makes it so special and desired school for films is its creative programs. Such originality and creativity in the academic courses have attracted various instructors to become part of it, and share their knowledge and experience in the film industry. Learning first-hand from such individuals is a priceless experience for the students looking for a career in film-making. The college itself offers current production facilities, which allows all the attendees – students to learn in the best possible way, with the best possible setting. Students coming out from Sheridan College carry such knowledge and experience, which has proven right many times, particularly through winning various awards at different film festivals in North America. 


The most interesting and required program at Sheridan college is the Honours Bachelor of Film and Television. This is a four-year program that prepares all the enrolled students for a career in the motion picture, broadcast, and multimedia industry. The first two years of this program are very colorful and interesting, giving in-depth look at what the film industry is all about. It is led under the guidance of experienced professors coming directly from this industry. Sheridan College students have won many awards, among the latest being the Annie Award for Best Student Film in Los Angeles, and Emmy award won by Craig Heninhan for Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series  – Stranger Things.


The tuition fees vary from program to program. There is a non-refundable application fee of CAD 100. these are the latest tuition fees:

2. Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School is another prestigious film school in Canada, precisely because the graduates have always found work in the film and TV industry. That speaks a lot of the school itself, it’s positioning it in the society as well as the quality of education it offers in the film area. Furthermore, the quality of the talent that comes from the Vancouver Film School is directly connected to awards such as Emmys and Oscars. 


The school was founded back in 1987 and it is located in the heart of Vancouver. It has varied courses covering acting, animation, film and TV production, screenwriting, makeup, sound, etc. For the students to get the best possible experience and knowledge, the school also offers well-equipped labs, workshops, green rooms, theaters, computers labs, and whatnot. This program lasts only one year. After finishing the one-year training, the students graduate with skills, knowledge, and experience that are essential for pursuing a professional career in the film industry. For those willing to upgrade their film knowledge, the school offers even 15 different post-secondary programs. They are all thought by professionals coming from the film industry and are held throughout the 8 different campuses across Vancouver. The latest addtion to the program is the six-month Creature Animation program. Famous Vancouver Film School Alumni include names such as Kevin Smith, Jewel Staite, Colin Cunningham, Emily Ullerup etc. 

The tuition fees vary subject to change. There is a mandatory application fee of $75. These are the latest tuition fees:

3. Cinema Studies at the University of Toronto

The University of Toronto was first founded in 1827,  as a royal college under the Church of England. It was later in 1850 when it became the college it is today. It did not have a special film program when it was founded. The cinema program and the studies were added almost 30 years later. The degree in cinema studies from the University of Toronto is one of the most valued and appreciated degrees not only in Canada but in the world. This degree is especially valued in the film-making industry. 


The university offers cinema studies both for graduates and undergraduates. For the graduates, there are Masters and Ph.D. cinema studies programs, while for the undergraduates, there is a bachelor’s degree program. This program focuses on the film analysis itself, the film history, and the theory, all shaped towards today’s art market and demands. The Cinema Studies Institute provides base funding for all graduate students enrolled in a four-year PhD program. It will include tuition and fees, and $17,500. Donald Sutherland is just one of the famous names that have studied under the Cinema Studies at University of Toronto.  

4. University of British Columbia – UBC

UBC is the oldest university in British Columbia. It was founded in 1908, and as such, it is ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world. Additionally, it comes in the top 3 in Canada. It is so good and appreciated that even three former Canadian Prime Ministers have studied there. The UBC’s campus is the place of the world-renowned film training program, which produces artists and theater practices for more than 50 years.


What is particularly interesting about this university is the Department of Theater and Film. Students here have the opportunity of hands-on learning. The goal of the program itself is to shape and produce independent filmmakers with the unique skillset and imagination, that will highly contribute to the world film industry. The UBC offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine arts degree program. It is being taught in various locations around the campus as well as the NBC studio. Students are offered practice in editing rooms equipped with Final Cut Pro and Premiere Software, as well as other software that helps in the editing process and the post-production. The undergraduate degrees include Acting, Design/Production, Film Production, Film Studies, and Theatre Studies. Graduate degrees are Theatre Studies, Theatre Practice, Film Production, Cinema, and Media Studies.

The tuition for the Fine arts Undergraduate studies are:

5. Ryerson University

Another great school on the list of top film-making schools in Canada is Ryerson University. Also known as the Ryerson University School of Image Arts, it is high-valued and demanded school for many reasons. It is located in the center of Toronto, close to the city’s entertainment district. The university was established in 1948 and has a fine degree program for visual arts. The international recognition comes from the top undergraduate school that offers specialization in film and photography. 

The special part of Ryerson University is the program that reflects directly on the film-making and that is the Image Arts: Film Studies, Bachelor of Fine arts program. The entire educational experience is conducted through the perfect balance of studio, lecture, and lab courses, as well as real work in the commercial production and fine arts. What makes it stand out and make the top 5 list is the ability that the student gets to make connections directly with the film industry. This is done through learning from professionals that are part of the above-mentioned industry, which remains to be one of the driving economies in Ontario, Canada. Some famous names that have studies at the Ryerson University are Nina Dobrev, Shay Mitchell, Ari Millen etc. 


The first two years of the course include all the aspects of film-making such as film production, writing, directing, producing, cinematography, etc. The third-year focuses on digital media, with a special accent on the production and technical courses. Finishing the Film studies at Ryerson University shapes the students with the unique framework that is needed in analog and digital storytelling – all exceptionally important for the Canadian screen industry. The undergraduates coming from Ryerson University have popular careers as producers, directors, editors, and cinematographers.  


As for the tuition, here are the University’s fees:


Through the years, these universities have shown and proved that the quality of the training and the education they provide is really accepted and acknowledged in the film industry. Many students that have come out of these universities have great careers and are even working on some of the most popular movies and TV shows. 


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